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Discover why over 122,000 people have put their faith in this 5-Second “Coffee Hack for the Morning” This burns 48 pounds of fat. Coffee Slimmer Pro’s special blend of plants and nutrients, confirmed by scientific research, supports healthy fast weight loss.

April 2022 – Scientific Discovery on Coffee Slimmer Pro

The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight, According to Science (There is no need to eat or exercise.)

Do you find yourself locked in a loop of dieting and exercising only to discover that you aren’t losing weight? Then what happens? You revert to your old habits? This isn’t your fault, according to scientists.

It’s caused by a condition called Calorie Absorption Acceleration. Our daily diet has a bigger volume of processed foods, which causes our systems to struggle to metabolise, raising your risk of metabolic syndrome.

A medical review of a little-known ingredient leads to a Nobel Prize-winning fat-melting discovery.

Caffeine increases thermogenesis greatly in both humans and animals, according to studies. Scientists studying the metabolic and thermogenic effects of coffee have shown that at larger concentrations, the drug acts directly on BAT (brown adipose tissue).

In a 2017 research of obese females, ingesting 400 mg of green coffee bean extract for 8 weeks in conjunction with an energy-restricted diet resulted in more weight loss than following an energy-restricted diet alone.

Total cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol, and free fatty acids were all lower in those who took the extract. The researchers discovered that this intervention influenced fat breakdown in the body, which could help patients lose weight.

Caffeine in green coffee beans has been proven to promote key processes like thermogenesis, lipolysis, fat oxidation, and insulin release, all of which help with quick weight loss around the tummy, arms, and thighs, according to research.

Certain dietary phenols, including GCE, have also been shown to affect intestinal glucose uptake in a variety of ways.

Green coffee extract contains chlorogenic acids, a group of antioxidant chemicals thought to be responsible for its health benefits by experts.

That’s Why We Created Coffee Slimmer Pro

Green Coffee Beans are backed by scientific evidence.

Clinical Study #1 : 22 Weeks And 17 Pounds Down

Researchers discovered that 16 overweight men and women dropped an average of 17 pounds over the course of a 22-week trial. They took green (unroasted) coffee beans as a supplement and a placebo at a different stage in the trial for comparison. They dropped more weight while taking the pills than when they took the placebo. When they were given the higher of the two coffee bean doses, they dropped the greatest weight.


Clinical Study #2 : Over A Pound A Week Lost

The men and women in the study were given a 700-milligram (mg) dose of ground coffee beans and a 1,050-milligram (mg) dose. During the 22-week research, they were also given a placebo or inactive dose. Physical activity burnt roughly 400 calories every day on average, according to Vinson. The research was carried out in India. The average weight loss was 17 pounds. Some people lost only 7 pounds, while others lost up to 26 pounds.

Clinical Study #3 : Reduce Glucose Absorption by 6.9%

According to the findings of a clinical investigation involving 12 healthy volunteers and various coffee products containing glucose, instant coffee fortified with chlorogenic acid (found in Coffee Slimmer Pro) reduced glucose absorption by 6.9% when compared to the control. If the chlorogenic acid is used for a long time, this action may result in a reduction in body mass and body fat.


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60 days Money Back Guarantee – 100% SATISFACTION

Still unsure? Coffee Slimmer Pro offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the Coffee Slimmer Pro results or for any other reason, you can call or email our support staff within 6 months to get your money back. What are you waiting for? Your success is guaranteed!

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