Best Digital Adoption Platforms (Top 5) Reviewed and Ranked

What is Digital Adoption Platform Software?

By providing user guidance, walkthroughs, and tutorials for enterprise apps or websites, Digital Adoption Platforms assist enterprises in onboarding and training their customers, employees, partners, and prospects.

When it comes to embracing and implementing new digital technologies, a DAP is a software solution that aids a company’s marketing strategy. It streamlines the procedure and gives users step-by-step instructions on how to use the new technology.

To put it another way, a DAP makes it simple for employees to learn new applications and become productive right away. In this article, I’ll look at the finest digital adoption platforms available right now so you can decide which one is best for your company.

What Are The Best Digital Adoption Platforms

The following are the best DAPs on the market today.


Whatfix is the world’s most trusted Digital Adoption Platform, helping Fortune 500 firms in driving software adoption, reducing time to launch, increasing employee productivity, and achieving a positive software ROI.

One of the largest corporations in the United States was able to save $950,000 by using Whatfix to provide customised end-user training that was 40 percent faster than preparing the content in-house! Gartner Peer Insights has given us a 4.8 rating. Reach out to us if you’re seeking for a digital makeover!

BEST FOR – Those in charge of digital transformation and change management in large and medium-sized businesses. By minimizing training time, support queries, and costs, businesses may easily enroll thousands of people.

Features of Whatix

  • Personalization, in-app knowledge management, change management, data validation, notifications, and analytics are all features of Whatfix.
  • It enables businesses to establish client groups automatically and improve personalisation and targeting depending on users’ participation in the app.
  • It also gives capabilities for users to auto-generate material in a variety of formats, such as videos, PDFs, and slideshows, based on their needs.
  • With a single line of code, Whatfix may be integrated into any web application.
  • Users can also access SCORM-compliant courses and track training progress through the app’s interface with learning management systems (LMS).


Whatfix comes with a free version and a free trial.

Vendor does not disclose a starting price.
Details regarding pricing can be obtained by contacting Whatfix directly.
Yes, there is a free version.
Yes, there is a free trial available.


Our solution is still available to SMBs, even if we focus on the enterprise sector. Large corporations collaborate with us to increase digital adoption for internal and external applications.

Userlane is a no-code Digital Adoption Platform that aims to increase software adoption by allowing anyone to instantly understand any product.

Our step-by-step interactive guide technology and on-demand Virtual Assistant, which provides contextual and personalised support to software users whenever they need it, make this possible.

Employee onboarding and training (enterprise digital adoption) as well as customer onboarding and self-service are all possible with our solution (for software vendors). Our on-screen interactive instructions take customers step by step through digital processes in any browser-based software in real time, assisting them in achieving their objectives swiftly and easily.

Userlane accelerates the on-boarding of staff and customers, lowers support tickets and costs (by up to 75%), and boosts user satisfaction and productivity.

Features of userlane

  • Step-by-step interactive guides – Userlane is a software layer that sits on top of your existing applications. The interactive instructions walk users through whichever procedure they are working on at the time.
  • Easy to make – It’s simple to make and manage interactive manuals. Simply record and share your click path using our user-friendly editor. Without any code, it was completed in minutes.
  • Userlane gives easy accessibility, whether you’re creating interactive tutorials or using them to learn certain processes. So you may concentrate on your software rather than ours.
  • Direct in-app communication – Send messages directly to users to deliver crucial information or boost engagement. You can use it to promote new apps, solicit comments, provide support through interactive instructions, and much more.
  • User metrics that are transparent – Gain insights into user interaction to improve your software experience over time. Find out where there are areas of confusion and where extra help is most required.


Vendor does not disclose a starting price.
Userlane’s pricing is determined by the number of users and applications on which it is installed. Contact us immediately to speak with one of our specialists about your project and receive accurate price information.
Version for free: No, there is no free trial.


Spekit promises to halve sales training and ramp time, allowing you to swiftly and efficiently bring your staff up to speed.

Spekit offers a package of tools that help you get the most out of your software, and it’s designed for both large and small teams looking to boost productivity. Spekit is ideal for companies that wish to focus on their main product, with tools that assist staff teach themselves and one other.

It’s never been easier to equip your team with the information they need to succeed, and Spekit can help you with both digital adoption and sales ennoblement.

Features of Spekit

  • New user onboarding and training tools help you quickly and efficiently get your staff up to speed.
  • Features that assist you boost productivity in sales.
  • You can share information with team members who aren’t in the office using remote knowledge sharing.
  • Change management software aids in the management of software modifications.

Spekit Pricing

Spekit costs $20 per user per month.


Best for – Over 9000 firms (SaaS, e-commerce, investment, consultants, and others) use UserGuiding’s subtle power to improve user retention rates and onboarding processes.

Within the first 14 days, most users fail to see the full value of a product (if ever). That’s why we created UserGuiding, a no-code user on-boarding platform that uses interactive walkthroughs to assist enhance adoption and reduce churn.

Allow your users to navigate your app by displaying assistance articles that they may read without ever leaving it. What’s the best part? Thanks to our drag-and-drop interface, you can do everything without breaking the bank or requiring any technical knowledge.

Features of UserGuiding

  • No Coding Required
  • Analytics
  • Segmentation
  • NPS Surveys
  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Goal Tracking
  • Customization
  • Hotspots


There is no free version of UserGuiding, but there is a free trial. The commercial edition of UserGuiding starts at USD 99.00 per month.

USD 99.00/month as a starting point

UserGuiding offers a variety of price levels based on the demands of the business and the number of active users. The Basic Plan costs $99 per month for 2500 monthly active users and a single team member, or $828 per year when invoiced annually. The Professional Plan costs $399 per month for 20000 monthly active users and 5 team members, or $3588 per year when invoiced annually. There are also corporate plans available. For a custom quote, contact UserGuiding.

No, there isn’t a free version. However, there is a free trial available.


Gyde automates the process of giving in-app advice, allowing you to concentrate on your core offering. Gyde sits directly on top of the app you’re using and provides a set of tools to help you boost productivity and software engagement.

Gyde assists you in providing the finest possible user experience to your users by providing a consumer-class user experience.

Gyde is an excellent alternative to explore if you genuinely want to get rid of old user manuals and start offering just-in-time instruction that consumers will like.

Features of Gyde

  • Humans, not code, are guiding you to the most appropriate information for your requirements.
  • Encourage users to take action by providing in-app help when they need it.
    You can reach a worldwide audience by catering to any language and platform.
  • By delivering just-in-time assistance, we can aid when and where it counts.
  • Knowing why your consumers quit – before they do – might help you better understand how they use your product.
  • Make a positive first impression with a platform that is simple to use and has the tools your users require to succeed.


You can either schedule a personal demonstration or join up for a free trial to get started right away.

How Do I Choose a Digital Adoption Platform Software?

Investing in new technologies isn’t enough for businesses. The key to a successful transformation is digital adoption. The average rate of acceptance of new technology is shockingly low. Businesses may enhance their adoption rates and accelerate product use to its full potential by utilising an adoption platform.

However, before you go out and buy an adoption platform, you need think about your specific business demands so you can pick the ideal one for your product. You can select a tool that best addresses your specific difficulties based on your needs.

Consider the following factors when deciding on an adoption tool:

  1. DAPs are designed for three different use cases: SaaS onboarding, staff onboarding, and walkthrough software for mobile app users.
  2. Budget – DAP software pricing is determined by a variety of criteria, including the size of your business, the quantity of features, and the number of users. For continuing usage of the product, you will be charged a monthly membership fee based on these variables.
  3. DAPs differ in terms of the amount of onboarding required. Some adoption tools just provide a walkthrough to the user. Other adoption tools, on the other hand, include additional capabilities such as user segmentation, advanced analytics, and user feedback. The features required will be determined by the complexity of your product.
  4. Integrations — The integration capabilities of each DAP tool vary. Recognize each adoption tool’s individual integration capabilities, as well as the extent to which the integration will necessitate the engagement of your product engineers.


Adopting DAP gives your company a tremendous tool in its back pocket. Make it easier for existing and new consumers and workers to use the new technology that the company has invested heavily in.

DAP’s versatile and customization characteristics make it suited for practically every business area and type of new software integration. Make DAP the key to witnessing those high adoption rates that lead to a good return on investment in pricey technologies.

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