Early Bird Morning Cocktail Review

It’s not your fault if you have to get up early. We’ve been told for years that it takes “willpower” and “inspiration.”
That turned out to be nonsense. This is why…

Hey, I’m Chuckie, founder of Club EarlyBird.

We’ve developed a breakthrough that makes getting up early and getting stuff done EASY (which is now the EarlyBird mantra). It wasn’t always like this. While I now readily wake up at 5 a.m. every day, it wasn’t always like this.

Mornings used to be my absolute worst nightmare. It was always a struggle to get out of bed for work, school, or just to get ready for a productive day. The alarm clock was something I dreaded.

But, after years of struggle, I made the decision to commit. I resolved to find a “cheat code” that would make getting up early EASY. Over the next two years, that commitment led me down a rabbit hole of research and experimentation.

Everything was tried…

Even simple advice like “move the alarm clock across the room” can help. Then, by pure chance, I came across the concept of… while reading a book.

A Morning Cocktail

Why Having Water on Your Nightstand Is Important

1) You are severely dehydrated when you wake up. In fact, simply breathing causes you to lose over a pound of water overnight.

2) You must drink water as soon as you wake up (even before turning off your alarm)

Water with lemon and salt was the morning drink I read about. Using this morning cocktail of salt water helped a little (even though it tasted like sour ocean water). Then…I had a thought one morning after drinking my Morning Cocktail that altered everything…

The 3 Secrets To Waking Up Early:

Secret #1: Clean Energy

Both your brain and body require energy to get you up and motivated. Getting out of bed is like jumpstarting a car that has been sitting in the cold all night. The car is in good shape, however it needs a little help getting started. It’s the same with your body.

Secret #2: Hydration

You really wake up dehydrated (having lost nearly a pound of water), making it much more difficult for your body to properly wake up. Yes, water is beneficial… However, we identified something else that boosts hydration… More on that later.

Secret #3: Motivation

Being hydrated and invigorated is important, but it’s useless unless it’s accompanied with a boost in motivation and mood.

It’s critical to begin your day with a victory!

So… we figured out what was required for a different kind of dawn. A morning when hitting the snooze button is easy.

A morning full of vigour, inspiration, and even a few smiles. With this understanding, we set out on a journey to merge these three secrets into one easy-to-use tool…

We weighed, blended, and flavoured a new morning cocktail every morning for over 400 mornings until…

We found the ideal combination of three nootropic blends.

The EarlyBird Morning Cocktail provides you with Energy, Motivation, and EXACTLY what your body (and mind) require.


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We stand behind our product.

100% refund plus you’ll keep your cocktail shaker if you’re not satisfied with EarlyBird.

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