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What if you read your viewers mind and get over 30X more engagement & sales from videos

What exactly is FaceDrip?

Facedrip is the world’s first artificial intelligence-assisted interactive video production software with integrated interactive and video marketing services. It’s the fastest and easiest method to produce, host, market, and sell interactive films.

If you want to profit from this HIGH DEMAND SERVICE that has been proved to increase your leads, conversions, sales, clicks, opens, bookings, responses, signups, and other metrics while still providing these services to your clients for a high price.

In only three simple steps, you may do this job at hand:

Step -1

Choose whatever type of video you want to make for your business, such as sales videos and VSLs, product demos, affiliate review videos, training videos, and so on.

You may upload, record with a webcam or screen, modify films, add interactive components, and much more with the built-in video production service.

Step 2:

Put Your Video on the Internet.

You do not need to be concerned about video storage space or bandwidth.

Use the completely free, newbie-friendly hosting service that has already been set up for you.

Step 3:

Videos Can Help You Market And Sell

Nurture LEADS with customized follow-up material based on user preferences and interaction data, provide LINKS to items and services you wish to push directly inside your films, and increase sales by allowing people to buy things while watching the product video.

Facedrip Review: Complete Pros & Cons


Facedrip was built with the demands of all new and developing organisations in mind. I am convinced that it will assist you in achieving record-breaking corporate earnings.

All of these pressing issues have been resolved with Facedrip.

  • A tool for making and hosting videos
  • Increasing the amount of active traffic and leads
  • A Full-Fledged Interactive Video Creation Service
  • Consistently running video SMS/email campaigns
  • Increased sales and access to several built-in features
  • A platform for managing customers, appointments, and grouping collaborations into workspaces.
  • Contact level tracking data services that are deep and accurate
  • For lead management, an automated system to perform engaging, successful, and consistent video email and SMS advertising campaigns.


We have not discovered any disadvantages as of yet after utilizing this.

Because this Facedrip review is unbiased, I would note that the one disadvantage of Facedrip is the quantity of upsells; nevertheless, this does not impede the usage of the package as it functions perfectly without any of the upgrades.

Facedrip Features

  • Now is the time to convert using videos. Personalized Video Communications can take the place of dull plain text and email messages. FaceDrip allows you to include interactive Call-To-Action buttons in your video to encourage your viewers to do the action you desire.
  • Record/Upload Videos: Whether you wish to record with your webcam or screen record, upload from your desktop, record from third-party program, or directly import videos from YouTube, you may do so. It’s never been easier to make and distribute effective videos.
  • Sell With Videos: It comes with a futuristic page builder that allows you to construct high-converting sales pages that provide your prospects individualized experiences. In a single click… Incorporate interactive Call-To-Action buttons into your video to allow viewers to purchase directly from the video page.
  • Video Campaigns: Record and send out Video Email or Video SMS campaigns to boost open and click-through rates by more than 300 percent. FaceDrip may also be used to create bespoke video campaigns to provide your prospects a more personalised experience.
  • Video Marketing: It improves your video marketing by allowing viewers to do the action you want them to take, such as scheduling a demo or visiting your website, using relevant call-to-actions. You may also use popular third-party systems like Gmail, Outlook, Linkedin, SMS, autoresponders like Aweber, ActiveCampaign, CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and more to build and distribute customized, trackable video messages.
  • FaceDrip makes it incredibly simple to capture your screen while on the go. You can record any form of video rapidly, whether it’s a product video or a how-to ex-plainer video… you can do it all with simplicity. You may also ask for Video Replies from your visitors, allowing them to share their experiences in the form of short video testimonials.
  • Organize Your Brands Into Independent Workspaces: If you’re an agency, freelancer, or local marketer that provides services to a variety of clients, say hello to the new advanced workspace that groups your clients into workspaces. Simply sign in to your account and choose the workplace where you wish to work. They’re all separate from one another.
  • Accept Bookings Directly From Your Videos: Bye-bye to back-and-forth emails attempting to schedule basic appointments. Calendly, Callifyme, Booklikeaboss, and other scheduling apps now allow you to generate public booking links and manage your schedule.
  • Build Your Highly Targeted List: FaceDrip gives you Intelligence Forms and CTAs to help you get highly targeted and high-paying leads who are ready to purchase.
  • Nurture leads with tailored follow-up material based on user preferences and engagement data to drive marketing decisions.

Facedrip Review: Price & All OTO Details

FaceDrip is a first-to-market all-in-one (AI-powered) platform that enables users to CREATE, HOST, MARKET, and even SELL interactive videos in under 60 seconds.

  • High-Quality Leads: Increase your conversions by generating quality leads through active watching.
  • Immersive Videos: By engaging your viewers, you may help your videos rank higher, resulting in more organic traffic… causing them to view your movies for longer periods of time
  • Increased Sales: Because of the Call-To-Action feature embedded within the video, customers who are on the fence will buy or act immediately away.
  • Profits Increase: The video is converted into a landing page or registration page, saving time and effort.

FaceDrip Review: FaceDrip Bundle Deal – ($297)

This FaceDrip Bundle Deal is ideal if you want to take advantage of all of FaceDrip’s features. All of the OTOs/Upgrades are included in the FaceDrip package for a single one-time purchase.

Here you will find.

  • FrontEnd: FaceDrip Commercial
  • OTO 1: FaceDrip Unlimited
  • OTO 2: FaceDrip Professional
  • OTO 3: FaceDrip Agency
  • OTO 4: FaceDrip VideoReel
  • OTO 5: FaceDrip Whitelabel

The FaceDrip Bundle Deal, which costs $297.00 (one-time), includes everything you need to convert any video into an instant sales machine.


My objective Facedrip review should have provided you with helpful information regarding this FIRST EVER Artificial Intelligence Assisted Interactive Video Creation Platform. Please keep in mind that a product of this nature cannot be made any cheaper. This product is a gem at an incredible bargain, and I’m sure you don’t want to lose out on it.

As a result, hurry up! Facedrip is the best software you’ll ever use to take your video marketing to the next level with built-in features and ready-to-use assets.

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