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We think that nature and science have provided us with everything we require to look and feel beautiful. That it is not only possible, but also simple, to assist combat the visible signs of ageing. 

Following this purpose, we offer customer-favorite skincare so you may feel your most confident and have skin you adore.

“The Eden Beauty® System performs just as advertised. After only 5 weeks, my dark spots on my cheeks are starting to fade!”

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The REAL Reasons Some Women May Deal With Dark Spots.

Reason 1: Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) is a type of scar that develops after the skin has been damaged by something like acne, sun exposure, hormones, ageing, or pregnancy.

While scars rise up off of the skin and have texture, PIH are the flat dark marks left behind. Because the skin was irritated, it may have produced more melanin to protect itself. This excess melanin may now live on your face as your nagging dark spots and patches.

Reason 2: Post-Inflammatory Erythema (PIE)

Picking at pimples, dry/dehydrated skin, wounds, chemical burns, over-exfoliation, or sunburn may cause stress to small blood vessels (capillaries) at the surface of your skin, resulting in these red spots and patches.

It may be very common to have both PIH and PIE, and they each need attention in a good skincare routine.

Reason 3 (The Sneaky One…): Glycation.

Dark spots, age spots, liver spots, and sun spots are all types of hyperpigmentation, and a process termed glycation, in addition to increased Melanin synthesis, may be another contributing component.

The best way to explain Glycation is as follows: Consider a grilled steak on a hot summer day…

And then there’s the dark brown, crispy char on the outside of the steak. Glycation, believe it or not, can cause the same thing to happen to your skin as you get older. ⁶ When sugar and protein, which we eat on a daily basis, combine inside the body, pockets of black spots can form, and as you get older, more and more may appear on your skin.

Order today and shipping is on us. Arrives in approximately 4 business days.

Half a year money-back guarantee!

There is absolutely zero risk in trying!

Eden Beauty offers the best guarantee in the beauty world.

If you decide the kits are not for you within 180 days (which is 6 full months, half a year!) then simply let us know, and we will refund your money.

How The Eden Beauty® System Uniquely Helps Fight the Appearance Of Dark Spots, Step By Step…

First, aid in the reduction of Melanin production

We do this with important components that are soothing to the skin, such as organic aloe, cucumber, rice bran, and more. According to studies, this can help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and patches.

Second: Encourage the look of bright, even skin

This is accomplished with powerful yet gentle fruit acids, premium Glycolic and Lactic acids that may yield brighter-looking skin.

Important: The skin regenerates itself approximately every 27 days!¹³ That gives the potential for massive change. Imagine if you were more in love with your skin in just 27 days from now! You can be! Just give the Eden Beauty System a try today.

Third: Give the skin a wound-soothing environment with bacterial protection to combat the appearance of any broken blood vessels.

We do this with organic Coconut oil, Vitamin E, carrot root, and more.

And Last: Fight Glycation with antioxidant-rich ingredients like Red Grape Extract,¹⁸ Lemon, and Lavender, which work in tandem to combat Glycation.

NO Hydroquinone! NO Bleach! NO Extreme Peels!

Other systems (Hydroquinone, chemical peels, etc.) rely on dangerous bleaching/peeling agents that can cause inflammatory (AKA skin darkening) events!¹⁹

Even though these can cost THOUSANDS, they risk doing more damage to your skin.²⁰

Hydroquinone is also BANNED in several other countries because they have deemed it unsafe.

Instead of bleach or harsh chemicals, the Eden Beauty System supports your skin’s natural ability to appear bright and even toned.²¹

We do NOT use any Hydroquinone, bleach or harsh chemicals!

This is why…

Eden Beauty works and is safe for both dark and light skin!

Eden Beauty also works for both dry and oily skin…


Because the natural ingredients and potent formulations will BALANCE oil production without stripping or creating a greasy effect. You will LOVE THESE PRODUCTS GUARANTEED!

Eden Beauty Will:

  • Working with dark skin
  • Work with light-colored skin.
  • Both oily and dry skin might benefit from this treatment.

When we outline the step-by-step system, you’ll see why we can make this commitment.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

So WHAT is the system?
Eden Beauty’s Powerful, Unique, & Safe
Extra Strength Dark Spot System

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