Forex Robot – Automated Forex Expert Advisor with FX Pairs and XAUUSD

■Forex Atlantian Expert Advisor | Automated Forex Robot (FX pairs and XAUUSD)■

An automated forex robot called the Atlantian Expert Advisor trades utilizing a combination of the Parabolic SAR and Moving Average indicators. This approach has given this EA a very high ROI (Return on Investment) and a fair amount of consistency.

See my most recent FX outcomes and XAUUSD results below:

Atlantian EA Settings:


  • Any FX pair and XAU/USD are trading partners.
  • A deposit of at least $300–700 is advised for trading one pair, and the same goes for a penny account.
  • My finest optimised set file for low risk trading is included with the EA.
  • EA is really safe and does not provide excessive DD!
  • EA I use the H1 period. You can use my identical config file and set it to a lower timeframe if you want to trade more aggressively.

EA earned 440 dollars in May; see video below.

Here are the benefits of joining:
  • Program: The identical software that I used to carry out all those profitable trades I just showed you will be provided to you in complete, perpetual form.
  • Encouragement: I want to see you succeed in trading. And for that reason, I will back you wholeheartedly in whatever endeavour. Please get in touch with me at my personal email address whenever you need assistance.
  • Step-by-Step User Guide for Beginners – The easy-to-follow instructions in my user guide for beginners will walk you through every step of installing, configuring, and making money with the Forex Atlantian Expert Advisor.
  • Updates – Updates are offered without charge, of course. You will have quick access to any new updated versions of the Forex Atlantian Expert Advisor if we discover any ways to make it even better.

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