Insulin Herb (Berberine)-How to Stabilize Your Blood Sugar?

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The Insulin Herb (Berberine), also known as the Ayurvedic Miracle Plant, has been traditionally used by the Indians and Chinese as medicine for centuries. Western societies have only been made aware of its impressive medicinal benefits in recent years, due to the growing trend towards Natural Botany Solutions.

Multiple human studies have confirmed the anti-hyperglycemic potential of Berberine. This highlights Berberine’s ability to support the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol.

The increasing number of research papers published in different prestigious journals, including the Journal of Metabolism, have assessed and confirmed Berberine’s anti-diabetic potential.

5 Specific Ways Berberine Can Stabilize Your Blood Sugar

Clinically, the all-natural herb has been shown to reduce A1C & blood sugar spikes without medication, without side effects.

What is Insulin Herb?

Insulin Herb is a dietary supplement that is sold through online. The price of the supplement is around $ 40 per bottle.

The supplement is marketed by Ezy Absorb to individuals with diabetes or anyone who wants to control blood sugar. Berberine, milk thistle, and other ingredients are used in the supplement to balance blood sugar levels naturally.

Ezy Ingest states there are no known significant side effects of the formula. To verify its safety and purity, the company also claims to have tested the formula.

Although Insulin Herb is primarily marketed to diabetics, Insulin Herb is also marketed by the company to pre-diabetics and even those with regular blood sugar. Insulin Herb may be able to help with whether you have normal blood sugar or imbalanced blood sugar.

Insulin Herb’s sales page is packed with tales about people who have taken Insulin Herb to reduce blood sugar. For example, one woman says her blood sugar is “lower than it ever was,” while another man believes that after a meal, taking one capsule of Insulin Herb makes his “blood sugar come down.”

Let’s take a closer look at how Insulin Herb functions to decide if blood sugar has a beneficial impact.

Berberine has to pass 2 TESTS to use Berberine to cure without side effects:

Test #1

Today, it’s a known fact that the prescribed daily dose is about 1500mg for Berberine to have the best effects.

The thing is that Berberine is very potent and taking 1500 mg in a single dose will cause nausea in the stomach, cramps, and sometimes every 15 minutes you have to rush to the toilet.

Many trials have shown that to achieve the right minimum dose, you can take Berberine 500mg three times daily. The use of different doses increases absorption but tends to prevent side effects such as stomach cramps and nausea resulting from a concentrated 1500 mg dosage.

But it had to be in the shape of a capsule: 500mg per dosage.

So we had to use Berberine organically sourced from the Phellodendron Amurense tree bark, sterilized it after harvesting, and extracted the Berberine in capsule form at a dosage of 500 mg.

Test #2

To amplify Berberine’s results, one extra ingredient was added.

The little known flowering plant, Milk Thistle, belongs to the genus of daisies and ragweeds. Since it has a long tradition of curing liver disorders, lowering cholesterol, lowering inflammation, it is also called the Holy Thistle.

But the true advantage is that the main active component in Milk Thistle is Silymarin and, if mixed with Berberine, one study has found that it improves the bioavailability of berberine in the intestines and increases its blood concentration over long periods.

Insulin Herb Ingredients for Berberine Supplement.

For some conditions, insulin herbal supplements such as Berberine are a safe natural alternative. But it is important to know and review the full list of ingredients on the supplement label before you order. Look no further, for here we share the Insulin Herb from EzyAbsorb Berberine Supplements with the full list of ingredients—

  • 500mg of HCI Berberine (Each capsule) 
  • 80% Silymarin isolated from Milk Thistle Seed Extract (Each capsule) 
  • Rice Hulls Organic 
  • Extract of Conventional Rice

EzyAbsorb, the Insulin Herb berberine supplement from the company, is basically gluten-free and veggie capsules developed in a facility approved by the FDA. The level of label-transparency is what we enjoyed about this Berberine supplement. On the box, the manufacturer also detailed the allergen notices.

While no peanuts, shellfish, or related allergic-triggering ingredients are found in the substitute, it is processed in a cooperative facility that may produce goods containing allergic ingredients. It is detailed in the supplement’s ingredient label.

Scientific Evidence for Insulin Herb With Pros & Cons & Side Effects

Insulin Herb Pricing

Insulin Herb is only available from, where it costs $40 for one bottle or $30 per bottle when three bottles are ordered:

1 Bottle: 39.90 dollars
3 Bottles: 89.70 dollars
Shipping to the United States requires all costs.

On Amazon, the formula is still sold, albeit under a different name. With Milk Thistle on Amazon, it’s branded as Ezy Absorb Berberine. The substitute uses a similar dosage and formula but is priced at just $20.


Insulin Herb is a dietary supplement that claims to have insulin with similar effects, helping the body stabilize blood sugar. Insulin Herb producers say that their formula has no side effects and can help you spontaneously decrease blood sugar, whether you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or simply like more blood sugar assistance.

Overall, since it contains 500mg of berberine in each tablet, Insulin Herb should act as advertised to support blood sugar. Studies suggest that blood sugar can be helped by taking 1,500 mg of berberine a day.

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