Intelligent Cryptocurrency Free Masterclass by Dirk de Bruin

Why NOW Is The BEST TIME TO PREPARE FOR THE NEXT MAJOR Crypto Bullrun, And How To Turn A $1000 Bet Into $271,244!

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What You Will Learn In Today’s Intelligent Cryptocurrency Masterclass:

  • *The HUGE Bitcoin and cryptocurrency opportunity that is currently available (bear markets is when millionaires are made).
  • *How investing just a fraction of your net worth in cryptocurrencies can protect you against inflation and potentially DOUBLE your net worth in the next 12-24 months.
  • *How a $1000 wager on cryptocurrencies can potentially convert into $271,445 (proof shown in the presentation).
  • How to effectively preserve your original cash and profits throughout the next bull market to ensure that you keep everything you’ve earned!
  • *How to get started today as a complete newbie with no technical knowledge or prior investing or trading experience.

Dirk de Bruin, the Masterclass Presenter, has been working in the cryptocurrency arena since 2015, and has shared his knowledge and ideas with tens of thousands of people throughout the years.

He’s attended conferences and events all over the world and has met some of the industry’s top executives (like CZ the CEO of in the photo above).

His work has also appeared in a number of publications, including the prominent website.

Dirk leads Intelligent Bitcoin, a private cryptocurrency education programme and community (you can learn more about it in today’s lecture).

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