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How A 5% Net Worth Bet On Select Cryptocurrencies Could Quadruple Your Net Worth In The Next 12 Months

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Where else do you get a chance to potentially make 10x, 50x or even as much as 277x returns in less than a year?

I believe we’re on the cusp of the biggest cryptocurrency bull market we’ve ever seen. Bitcoin has now traded over $28,000 and I believe it’s just the start of a run to multi-six figures per BTC and a cryptocurrency market cap in the TRILLIONS!

But forget about Bitcoin. the time to buy that was months ago when it was still trading under $10,000. Sure, it may however go up to $100,000 or more in the future, but that’s “only” a 5x and it would take ENORMOUS capital to get it to that level.

In the cryptocurrency world, making a 5x sometimes happens in a week!

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies (known as altcoins) and several of these have the potential to massively better Bitcoin because they have much smaller market caps.

We saw this happen in the 2017 bull market… and I think it’s about to repeat again in the next 12 months (2021).


Smart investors know that when it comes to investments or life in general, nothing is guaranteed. In fact, anyone who guarantees returns of any kind with 100% confidence is a giant red flag.

Smart investors look for asymmetric bets. This means they look for opportunities that have a downside of what’s invested but an upside that is 10x-100x or more.


Simple. Investing is a numbers game. Most maximum investors have losing investments on a regular basis. You can’t win them all. But. if for every lost investment you make up for at least 10x on the upside with your winners, you’ll end up very very wealthy.

Cryptocurrencies are an asymmetric bet.

On the downside, they could go to zero and you can lose what you put in.

On the upside, they could return 10x, 30x, 50x, 100x, or even more.

We saw this in 2020 with a cryptocurrency called LEND that rose in value by more than 27,144% in a period of just over 365 days. Had you bet $1000 on this cryptocurrency back in September 2019, you could have profited as much as $271,000 by August 2020.

Experts expect cryptocurrency cycles to repeat as they have over the past 4 years. If this will happen, then there will be many cryptocurrencies that will provide enormous returns.

All you need to do is be early and make a few small bets on a few high-potential cryptocurrencies and wait for the cycles to play out. That’s it.

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5. Special Reports

In the members area you’ll also have access to additional special reports on specific topics such as:”Privacy & Security”, “Building A Cryptocurrency Portfolio”, “Creating An Exit Strategy” and more. These special reports go into a lot of detail about their topic and make it really easy to access and learn about specific information.


As an IC member you’ll have access to the private Discord chat groups (accessible from your phone, mobile or tablet) with a dozen different channels around different topics such as project updates, technical analysis, market discussions and more.

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Besides direct access to the founder of IC (Dirk de Bruin) and having the chance to get your questions answered in real time.

The Discord chat groups are also where Dirk shares his personal buy and sell movements for you to learn from and see which coins Dirk is personally buying or selling with his own money in REAL TIME.

This is a MAJOR benefit to get insights into the trades of someone experienced with crypto trading and trading in general.

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