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Natural ways to lose weight, relieve bloating, and increase energy! Patriot Detox, unlike other detoxes, has no laxatives and is made comprised of 11 metabolism-boosting superfoods.

What Are Patriot Detox Tea Advantages?

  • Reduce Stress – Sip away your worries! Green tea contains strong, fast-acting amino acids such as L-Theanine.
  • Patriot Detox provides 28 vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including Vitamin C and Vitamin A, to support the immune system.
  • Our trademark blend combines both oolong and green tea, natural metabolism stimulants that have been demonstrated to assist the body in losing weight in a healthy manner.
  • Multiple elements in Patriot Detox, including as lemongrass, are strong in antioxidants and may encourage a healthy inflammatory response. This may assist you in preventing and combating oxidative damage.
  • Soothe Bloating – Our all-natural mix of herbs promotes good digestion, helps your body lose water weight, and reduces inflammation, all of which assist to relieve bloating.

Why Should You Drink Patriot Detox Tea?

Every cup contains 11 metabolism-boosting superfoods!

How To Use Patriot Detox Tea

  1. Steep 1 tea bag for 5-7 minutes in 8 oz. boiling water.
  2. Anytime – To jumpstart your metabolism, drink once or twice a day.
  3. Any Temperature – Have your Detox hot or cold by adding ice.

Is shipping included? Yes, indeed…
Yes, all orders come with free shipping and handling! Our staff in Texas will handle your items within 5-7 business days after you place your order.

What form of shipment do you employ?
We provide typical delivery options.

When will I be notified when my package has arrived?
You will be notified of the shipment as soon as we receive the order. It normally takes 3-5 business days for your order to arrive. (Please note that due to a backlog of shipments, your order may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.)

Who should make use of?
Patriot Detox Tea is for everyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle, jumpstart their health and fitness routines, and become their best self!

Is your tea laced with laxatives?
Certainly not! Senna leaves, a frequent element in other detoxes that induces cramping and laxative effects, aren’t used in Patriot Detox Tea?

What is the purpose of Patriot Detox Tea?
Patriot Detox Tea aids in the burning of calories by naturally speeding up metabolism, reducing bloating, and eliminating dangerous pollutants.

What are the benefits of drinking Patriot Detox?
Patriot Detox Tea is a combination of 11 superfood teas, herbs, and berries that are meant to revitalise the body, boost metabolism, and eliminate toxins.

What’s the best way to create Patriot Detox Tea?
Bring 8 ounces of water to a boil, then steep the tea bag for 5 to 7 minutes. Detox tea can also be served cooled by pouring it over ice.

How often should Patriot Detox Tea be consumed?
Patriot Detox Tea is meant to be consumed on a regular basis. You’ll get the best outcomes if you’re consistent. You can take it with or without meals at any time. You may even drink it many times each day. Because it contains caffeine, we recommend consuming it in the morning or afternoon.
We advocate eating complete meals like fruits and vegetables, avoiding junk food, and exercising consistently for the greatest benefits.

When can I expect to get results?
In most cases, our customers notice results in as little as 2-4 weeks! They’ve seen a smaller belly, increased energy, and less bloating when combined with a nutritious diet and modest exercise. When beginning any new healthy lifestyle change, remember to drink lots of water and be conscious of your nutritional choices.

Is there caffeine in Patriot Detox Tea?
Yes, each tea bag of Patriot Detox Tea includes around 9.45 mg of caffeine. When compared to green or black teas, which contain anywhere from 30 to 50 mg, and coffee, which contains around 95 mg per cup, this is a modest quantity. It still provides you a mild energy boost, but without the jitters or the 2 a.m. collapse.

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