Top 5 and Best Coaching Platforms of 2022 Reviewed

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Coaching is in high demand. As the personal development market has evolved over the last decade, so has the coaching industry, as coaches have moved into almost every aspect of life. Do you want to be the best at what you do? Looking for a date? Do you want to improve your financial mindset? Coaches are available for almost any situation.

It’s a terrific moment to be a coach, whether you’re just starting out or seeking to expand your practise. According to the International Coaching Federation, the coaching business will increase to $20 billion in 2022 as more individuals seek out a coach to assist them in mastering something essential to them.

As coaching becomes more popular, so are the tools available to assist coaches in expanding their companies. Running a coaching business used to entail juggling scheduling, marketing, and sales, on top of actually coaching. However, there are now online coaching systems that can take care of a lot of the legwork for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best: coaching.

What are the Best Coaching Platforms?

In this post, we’ll guide you through the 5 best online coaching platforms for 2022, explaining their benefits and drawbacks, as well as the ideal use cases for each, so you can decide which one is suitable for you.

Mighty Networks

For community, group coaching, and courses, this is the best all-in-one solution.

Mighty Networks provides you pretty much everything you need to start your own coaching business and build an outstanding client community. Mighty Networks is a white-label community platform that allows you to do almost everything on the list above, including creating and selling coaching access or bundles, managing subgroups, and creating engaging courses (both asynchronous and synchronous), all while providing your clients with access from anywhere.

It also has live streaming, polls, easily accessible forums, and the option to construct new member welcome sequences, among other features. It’s ideal for group coaching since you can create and charge for a sub-community for each group you coach, schedule and run your sessions there, and simply give value to your groups, whether they’re separate or integrated in the main community.

It’s the ideal platform for anyone wishing to create a coaching community and/or offer group coaching sessions. You can organize events with a single click, and members may receive reminders and attend a live meeting by clicking the link. You could easily link it with something like Candle to handle your 1:1 scheduling if you want a community but also want to offer 1:1 coaching.


  • The strength of a group
  • Course design that is elegant
  • You may simply charge for dedicated subgroups.
  • For hosting group or community sessions, the event feature is fantastic.
  • Every gadget has an app.
  • Charge in your own money for tutoring.
  • Combine coaching, courses, and other services.


To book 1:1 meetings, you’ll need to utilize something like Google Calendars or Calendly.

Pricing :

Mighty Networks cost starts at $28 a month and increases as you progress through the tiers, as shown below:
The Community Plan costs $28 per month if paid monthly, or $23 per month if paid yearly.

The Business Plan costs $98 per month if paid monthly, or $81 per month if paid yearly.
The Business Plan comes with a 14-day free trial.

Mighty Pro, our corporate solution, allows successful artists, brands, and organisations to have their own mobile apps and listings in the Apple App Store and Google Play stores.


If you want to build a successful coaching business, I recommend Thinkific as the best coaching platform. Thinkific is a one-stop shop for creating, marketing, and selling online courses and coaching packages.

Your courses and coaching packages will sell like hotcakes if you provide an unrivaled departing experience for your consumers. You can also utilize Thinkific to build a strong web presence for your coaching firm.

You may quickly and simply create communities and landing sites using an intuitive UI. Accepting payments in more than a hundred countries also has a 0% transaction cost, which means you keep more of your hard-earned income.

You can’t go wrong with Thinkific if you want to operate your business smoothly.


  • Website themes let you establish a great website for your coaching business fast and effortlessly.
  • The ability to link your tools allows you to administer your courses and coaching programs with simplicity. Advanced modifications offer you the flexibility to make your site distinctive.
  • You may even register your own domain name to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.


A free edition allows you to add an infinite number of students to a restricted number of courses.

This is a terrific way to get a feel for Thinkific and see whether it’s the appropriate platform for you.

The premium plans range from $39 to $399 per month, depending on the services you want.


New Coaches’ Favorite

Paperbell is a solution designed to help coaches with their administrative issues so they can focus on their clients. It works by automating and simplifying the numerous procedures that coaches must complete in order to operate their companies.

The programme focuses on handling the technical parts of coaching, such as generating emails, managing subscription and payment plans, and storing client notes in a single, easy-to-find spot.

It also handles surveys and contracts, as well as keeping track of scheduled and finished appointments to keep you and your clients on track.

Invoicing is also handled by the platform! This includes invoice reminders and automated digital downloads, removing the need for instructors to provide files through email.


The following is a list of Paperbell’s most important features:

  • Time zone recognition, appointment buffers, and client-enabled scheduling are all part of the scheduling process.
  • Signing contracts: During the sign-up procedure, clients must sign contracts.
  • Client histories in detail, including information on prior purchases, appointments used, and appointments missed.
  • Takes care of the logistics of individual and group classes.
  • Client surveys that are available at all times
  • Options for video integration and automated messages
  • For all of your different offers, you’ll need landing pages.


Paperbell does not charge per user; instead, they charge a monthly flat price of $50 or an annual subscription of $40 per month.

They also provide a free account with all of the features included through your first client, allowing you to test the service in its full before paying for it. There is no time limit or other restrictions on this.


For providing coaching analytics, this is the best option.

TrueCoach is ideal for people who wish to coach their clients online, and do it from any location. This “smart” coaching software combines data and analytics to help you better analyse your clients’ development and provide the best guidance possible.

Forget about time-consuming administrative tasks; with TrueCoach, you can concentrate on what you do best: coaching. Based on precise input from your clients into the specialized app, TrueCoach may crunch the data and offer you with feedback on your customers’ progress.

You may then utilise this data to develop goals for your clients and assist them in achieving them.

When it comes to data security, you can rest certain that everything is stored safely and securely on the cloud.

You may also share movies with your clients directly on popular video hosting sites (such as Vimeo or YouTube) and provide them with the appropriate comments based on their needs.


  • Your clients’ progress is always appropriately displayed thanks to custom metrics and targets.
  • You can keep track of your customer’s development and enforce responsibility using client management tools.
  • When new information is entered into the system, you’ll receive an email notice, allowing you to follow up with your clients as needed.
  • You may use progress monitoring to see how your clients are progressing over time and make required modifications.
  • The program builder included in the package makes it simple for you to construct programs that your clients can follow.


You may try out the features and see whether this platform is a suitable match for you with a free Xplorer Plan.

The following are the paid plans:

  • The Starter Plan is $19 per month.
  • The Standard Plan costs $45 per month.
  • The Pro Plan is $89 per month.
  • There’s also a 14-day free trial to try out the features.


Customization and integration are the best.

Delenta is a service created by coaches for coaches, with the goal of alleviating the administrative burden of coaching.

Delenta examines all parts of coaching administration, including landing sites, session management, payment software, and customer interactions. They provide customization landing page designs as well as packages to help you organised and market your services.

It works by combining a variety of services, including as Zoom, Paypal, Stripe, Outlook, and others, to consolidate all of your work into a single, easy-to-manage area. It also makes it easy to collect client testimonials so you can brag about the recognition you’ve gotten for your efforts.


Delenta’s purpose is to allow coaches to refocus their concentration on their clients instead of dealing with their clients’ bookings, payments, and administrative work through a variety of programmes and systems.

The following is a list of Delenta’s most important features:

  • To manage client reservations, you’ll need calendar and booking software.
  • To make it easier to offer your services, create coaching packages.
  • Options for session management to store payments and client notes in order
  • Delenta Drive will serve as a central repository for all papers and data.
  • Payment options that make it easier for clients to pay for your services.
  • Templates for landing pages that may be customized to attract new clients

Choosing the right online coaching business model for you will assist you in determining your technical requirements.

As a consequence, depending on the demands of the organisation, the “BEST” online coaching software will most likely be a combination of the following:

  • Administrative Instruments (generally more appropriate for smaller businesses)

Contracts, payments, and scheduling, among other things

  • Capabilities For Remote Communication And Messaging

SMS messaging, telephonic and video coaching tools, and group coaching possibilities are just a few examples.

  • Data Gathering (lifestyle, biometric, etc)

From smartphone applications to wearables and linked gadgets, there’s something for everyone.

  • Monitoring and analysis of data (critical for more established businesses)

To assist coaches and supervisors in determining who is succeeding and who requires further attention.

  • Content Distribution

Such as PDF and picture sharing, web page link sharing, or other platforms such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), which are frequently used in group coaching program.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using An Online Life Coaching Platform?

These platforms are made to make your professional life easier. They assist coaches in reducing or totally automating the duties that they dislike wasting mental energy on.

Consider which platform is ideal for you when picking a platform for your coaching company.

What’s The Best Way To Use An Online Coaching Platform? 

I propose that you manage and automate as much of your business admin as possible using your online coaching platforms. These platforms are fantastic and safe, so you should feel free to take use of as many tools as possible to help you.

You should be able to program the software once, then trust it to manage many of your critical tasks for you, such as scheduling new sessions or accepting payments.

Ideally, your platform would enable you to store all of your critical company data in one location.


I hope this article was helpful in locating the best online tutoring option for you. All of these alternatives, in my opinion, are excellent and may help you simplify your workday and increase your customer results.

Post a comment below if you need more assistance finding the finest online coaching platform for your practise.

I’m eager to assist and support coaches in any way I can.

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