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Video Game Suite – Explode Optin-Rates to Local Business

Make ground-breaking video gamification lead games that have been shown to triple opt-in and sales rates. Sell IRRESISTIBLE Video Lead Games that Boost Optin Rates to Local Businesses – Includes Agency Rights

Welcome to the Brand New World of Video Gamification Marketing Video Game Suite

Because so many people have been exposed to typical squeeze pages and popups, they have developed ‘banner-blindness,’ and the gift they receive in exchange for their information has become undervalued.

When a visitor is presented with the opportunity to win anything, such as when playing the lottery, the perceived worth of the reward increases dramatically.

When you combine that with eye-catching images and video, you’ve got something that will grab people’s attention and encourage them to interact with your business!

Features of Video Game Suite

Auto-Create Additive Video Lead Games – Allow the app to build six new compelling video lead games that will dramatically increase opt-in rates and revenues.

Advanced Drag-n-Drop Interface – In seconds, drag-and-drop your way to spectacular lead games and video thank you sites.

Client Access Can Be Sold for Any Price – Sell video lead games as a service or sell monthly access to the app.

DFY Hosting & Video Technology – To increase conversions, include any video in your lead games (includes DFY video hosting).

Customization at a High Level – Make games come to life with hundreds of typefaces, emojis, buttons, visuals, page load animations, and more.

Three-fold Opt-in Rates – Get 3x more leads by ditching low-converting opt-in forms and popups.

Customize Prizes and Increase Your Chances of Winning
Choose the likelihood of someone winning a prize and the type of award they will receive.

Beautiful templates are included in the DFY package.
Create your games using DFY, editable templates, including hot local niche templates.

In this first-ever video gamification agency software suite, you’ll find a lot more.

Traditional Opt-in Forms, Lead Magnets, & Squeeze Pages are Dead in 2021

Every day you utilise them, your clients become increasingly irritated since you’re wasting their (and your) money by allowing traffic and leads to elude you.

With today’s terrible conversion rates and growing traffic prices, there’s no way for any small firm to construct something sustainable.

This means that business owners are dissatisfied and willing to pay for any genuine, inventive solution to generate leads and sales.

So, what exactly is working? Video gamification is the answer.

Create & Sell Video Lead Games Just Like These:

VideoGameSuite operates in four simple steps.

Check Out How Easy it is to Use VideoGameSuite:

Example Case Study:

143.60% increase in subscribers straight from cold traffic

In just one test, we sent PPC traffic to a regular opt-in page, giving away a free report like this where the opt-in was required upfront.

As well as the same traffic to a VideoGameSuite game like this in which giving away the same thing.

As you can see, the VideoGameSuite opt-in form beat the regular form everyone else is using badly in our tests with VWO, a 143.60% increase in subscribers with NO extra work:

One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees Agency Rights Included Today Only – 30 Days money back gurantee

Why are we having such great success with this?

  • It’s distinct.
    As a result, it stands out and draws attention. We’re hard-wired that way, and no one else on the internet has these precise forms of scratch games.
  • It’s enigmatic.
    Curiosity is built into our DNA. These gambiling games make us curious in the contents of our prize, and it’s nearly impossible to ignore!
  • It’s thrilling.
    Let’s face it, people love to gamble, and scratch cards have helped state lotteries produce billions of dollars year after year. Have you ever purchased a scratch card and gambled on it? Of course, we’ve all done it.
Remember, You’re Getting All the Upgrades of VideoGameSuite if You Choose the Exclusive Bundle Deal Today!

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