Vitajuwel Bottle – The Luxury Buy For Crystal Enthusiast

Dr. Masaru Emoto, who spent almost his whole life attempting to improve tap and bottled water by changing its composition so that it can become living water with a complete hexagonal structure, developed VitaJuwel. This hexagonal structure of water, says Dr. Emoto, encourages wellbeing and preserves youth.

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The VitaJuwel Concept

One day, Dr. Emoto recalled how strong quartz crystals are while studying in his Hado Life lab, so he wanted to do something unusual. He inserted crystals in the water, prompting all of his peers to be shocked by the findings of this experiment. Dr. Emoto revitalized the liquid and converted it into living water by preserving the hexagonal form of the water. People from all over the world are now using the VitaJuwel Water Bottles made by him, including celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and 6-time Grammy winner Kreesha Turner, who spoke about how awesome they felt after using them, either on Twitter or on camera.

How do bottles of VitaJuwel boost one’s health?

To put it more clearly, Dr Emoto revitalized filtered and tap water, he says, by using quartz crystals. It had its normal and initial vitality regained, so it made it come alive again. Using this gem water is very good for the body, according to him. VitaJuwel found out about Dr Emoto’s discovery and offered him a relationship so that together, they could help people get access to living water so that they can be safe and reach a new level of wellbeing. In addition to having a rather beautiful style, VitaJuwel bottles often contain quartz crystals that supposedly revive the water contained in them.

Why VitaJuwel?

At the moment, only VitaJuwel produces quartz crystal bottles that improve the vitality of water, according to Dr. Emoto, making it as pure and transparent as water from a well. VitaJuwel bottles come from a factory in the German Alps, not to mention they are handmade by top Bohemian glass producers who use a proprietary process when producing them, according to the website where they sell.

VitaJuwel Bottles Benefits

As Dr. Emoto and several individuals who have tried VitaJuwel bottles claim, drinking gem water from VitaJuwel bottles will most beneficially change one’s life because it enhances overall health.

  1. VitaJuwel Inspiration Crystal Water Bottle – Best for Enhancing Creativity
  2. VitaJuwel Diamonds Crystal Water Bottle – Best for Mind Clarity
  3. VitaJuwel Forever Young Crystal Water Bottle – Best for Rejuvenation.
  4. VitaJuwel Vitality Crystal Water Bottle – Best for Stress Relief 
  5. VitaJuwel Happiness Crystal Water Bottle – Best for Maintaining a Positive Vibration 
  6. VitaJuwel Luna Crystal Water Bottle – Best for Enhancing Feminine Energy
  7. VitaJuwel Infinity Crystal Water Bottle – Best for Conscious Evolution
  8. VitaJuwel Wellness Crystal Water Bottle – Best for Peace and Calming
  9. VitaJuwel 5 Elements Crystal Water Bottle – Best for Balancing the Doshas 
  10. VitaJuwel Love Crystal Water Bottle – Best for Aligning Love Frequency 


The one which resonates with your heart and instincts is the best organized water bottle for you. The big benefit is that you can buy as many gem pods as you want if you feel like you need or like more than one! The VitaJuwel Water Experience is also an awesome present, here you can find our step-by-step guide to selecting a commodity to give away from VitaJuwel. You can also go for the VitaJuwel Dispenser Grande, which can accommodate up to two gallons of spring-like natural water in your home with exchangeable vials, if you want to share structured water with your family, enabling you to pick the right combination for your loved ones. Happy hydrating!

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